making it fair for all of us through training and resources designed to help understand and reduce the impact of bias

bias can be overt and conscious, or implicit and unconscious

However it operates, bias makes the world less fair. Our work is focused on education and training to help everyone, ourselves included, reduce the impact our biases have on our decision making and interactions with others, with the goal of making it fair for all of us.

Explicit Bias: We Can See It And Tackle It

Sometimes bias is explicit, there for all to see with all its anger and ugliness.

Implicit Or Unconscious Bias: If We Cannot See It, Is There Anything We Can Do About It?

Sometimes bias operates in our unconscious mind, influencing us while remaining hidden from ourselves and to the outside world.

Both Cause Harm

Regardless of which form it takes, bias hurts both individuals and groups, making the world less fair.

Learn the science behind implicit/unconscious bias.

You have questions . . . let us help answer them.

Let’s join together in making it fair!

Why is everyone the same color?

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